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Marlene Belohoubek has been a bookkeeper/administrator for over 30 years, starting with her father’s electro-plating business, then real estate management and import/export companies, as well as her husband’s ongoing music business.  She was President/CEO/co-owner of a real estate holding company for 25 years.  She continued her families’ professional financial services while raising two children, acting as scouts treasurer, manager, leader and more.  Marlene was point person for placing an uncle in a nursing home, moving an aunt cross country, closing her father’s business (to EPA satisfaction), selling his home and relocating him to an assisted living facility.


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Nora Berger was a Project Leader and Systems Analyst for several Fortune 500 companies.  Her area of specialization is financial accounting.  She has worked for a bank, an insurance company, a consumer products company and an electronics company.  Currently she is the office manager for her husband’s dental practice.  She maintained her parents’ finances while they were retired and living abroad for half of the year for twenty-two years.  Once her father died, she handled her mother’s finances, including refinancing her home, until she died in 2012.  Nora, a US citizen, was born in Argentina and is fluent in both English and Spanish.